Come Into The Den: a fanlisting for Okkervil River
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About this fanlisting

This is the only fanlisting listed at The Fanlistings Network for Okkervil River, in the "Musicians: Bands/Groups" category, and then the "O" subcategory (check here).

When I first heard Okkervil River's newly-released Black Sheep Boy record in 2005, I fell into a storybook of dark love, lonely secrets and agonising memories that my soul soon latched onto. The record spilled with the horrible loneliness that surrounds human yearning and love: the loneliness was raw, the wounds were fresh - it was like walking into a soul's apocalypse when “So Come Back, I'm Waiting” played. Will Sheff was at the centre of this dramatic story: he was the lonely, lost Black Sheep Boy stuck inside his own radio, playing the same hurting songs, crying for want and attention. Beyond the plastic bars of his radio speakers, he witnessed others listening to his songs and burning at the realisation that they too were Black Sheep Boys.

The record can mean a million things to one person. It is that rich and honest in its delivery; confuses you when things are made so clear. When I find the right person, I share this record with them in the hopes that they too can feel the power of it as I did.

So, after that, of course I was encouraged to explore the rest of Okkervil River's catalogue. This was a bit strange for me as I listen to so much older music because it is rare for me to find a contemporary artist that, ironically, spoke to my current mental state. I was overwhelmed to find that their other records were consistently haunting, aching, genuine and rich. There was no pretense.

Every musician is tied together from the root, through to the trunk, and finally spread out elegantly in every leaf: there is a sense of togetherness and completeness. But they are each their own boss, and so are extremely dynamic: their sound is refined yet raw, new yet old... they know when to flourish and fall. It is a wonder to escape to their music. They proved yet again to me that “there is no escaping the thing that is making its home in your radio.”

I chose “Come Into The Den” as the name of this fanlisting. A line from their song “A Glow”, I thought it perfectly captured the dark pull of Okkervil River's rich, passionate music into this eerily still apocalyptic world - come into the den, my live and dead men; you've got a glow.

* * *

So, it is an honour to own this fanlisting for Okkervil River. If you are also a fan, then why not add your name to the growing list of other fans who feel the same? :)