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fans of the great okkervil river

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Alexandra from Germany (website)
Ava from Australia (website)
Christel from United States (website)
Dan Bergen from United States (website)
Dean Pawlak from Australia (website)
The poetic Lyrics accompanied by amazing music and vocals is sensational and unbeatable. Fav Album - Black Sheep Boy Song - A Stone
Elizabeth from United States (website)
K from United States (website)
The songs are endlessly fascinating, utterly captivating.
Kalb from United States (website)
Lauren Stilwell from United States (website)
Miriya V. from United States (website)
Raine from England (website)
Black Sheep Boy has a dark secrecy which climbed into my soul. The needle constantly spins over "A Glow", "Black Sheep Boy #4", "So Come Back, I'm Waiting", and "Black". Will Sheff, I love you!
Rebecca from United States (website)
Suzanne from United States (website)
I cannot possibly describe my love for Okkervil River in 200 words or less. My favorite song is "Girl in Port." I cannot wait for the new record in 2011!!!